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    7/10/08                                   Mikaela's Page: Welcome to My World
  This is my page for you to explore and find about me, but not all about me. My favorite things are music, cartoons, video games, animals, and playing sports. I also like to work with computers and robots. I think technology is really cool. I love to hang out with friends after school. I love to go to the beach during the summer and swim all day long. I think dogs are really fun animals! I used have 2 dogs; there names were Buster, and Sissy. I love taking care of dogs and I always will! Horses and cats are pretty cool too. But, I prefer dogs more though.

This is one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite shows. The show I'm talking about is called Pokemon. The character is called Blaziken. He uses fire type attacks in battles. He also is a really tough pokemon that can Shoot fire blasts right out of it's mouth! Now I think that would be pretty cool, wouldn't you?


I love dogs, I absolutely love them! I think there the best animals in the world! Did you know that a dog's tongue is cleaner than a human's? It's true!